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How to Get Started SUP Paddle Boarding


It is recommended that for the first time you seek the training of an experienced SUP board individual. They can guide you with the right make and size for your board and paddle Plus give you the basics to safely master the sport. Safety is an important part of this sport, as it is with every activity and there are some fundamental things you should know prior to going out by yourself with a group to keep you (and your dog) safe at all times. A proven Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor can provide you with all of that important knowledge about this fun activity. Until you are comfortable on the board, it is NOT recommended you go by yourself or take someone or your pet with you.


Ty, of Backyard Explorations can help you get started with private or group lessons. 


Watch the Fun of SUP


Board: Select the best board for you. With the sport growing, board sizes, shapes and designs are likewise growing too. The buoyancy, stability, maneuverability on rough water, speed, weight, easy to carry are just some of the considerations when selecting the best board for you. Since buying a board is a significant investment ($800 and up), it is recommended to work with your trainer or a reputable surf shop to try boards best suited for your needs. That way when you get ready to  purchase your board, it will be one which you will enjoy for years to come.  Go Paddle Board recommends Sunrise Surf Shop (Jacksonville Beach) for all of your board needs. 


Paddle: Paddles for SUP are not all created equal. The weight, shape and type of water you are paddling effect the paddle best for you. Once you select the right paddle, making sure it is the right height for you is very, very important to prevent uneasy fatigue and shoulder injury. For SUP your paddle should be 6-8" above the top of your head. Any reputable surf shop should be able to cut to your ideal size.


SUP Location: Finding the best and safest location for your enjoy your new sport activity is important. Knowing the area safe access, having emergency contact equipment, having your safety supplies, be aware of wildlife risks and knowing tidal changes should factor into your decision on where you are going to put in with your board. Again, having a professional trainer give you a lesson will allow you to learn a lot of this, especially if you are a visitor or new to the area you want to enjoy. 



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